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Cooling Spray Sun Umbrella With Fan And Sprinkler

Cooling Spray Sun Umbrella With Fan And Sprinkler

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Product Introduction:

Stay dry and stylish with our high-quality umbrella, designed for durability and convenience. Made from premium materials, this umbrella is perfect for any weather condition, providing reliable protection and a chic look.


  • Material: Impact cloth for maximum durability
  • Adhesive: Black adhesive for extra strength
  • Density: 190T for superior coverage
  • Frame: Made from fiber, ensuring lightweight strength
  • Medium Rod: Constructed from alloy for robustness
  • Handle: Comfortable plastic handle
  • Bones: 8 fiber bones for enhanced stability
  • Opening Method: Manual
  • Retraction Method: Manual
  • Colors: Available in Charging Pink 2600MA and Charging Green 2600MA


  • Umbrella Cloth Material: Impact cloth
  • Umbrella Fabric Adhesive: Black adhesive
  • Umbrella Density: 190T
  • Umbrella Bone Material: Fiber
  • Medium Rod Material: Alloy
  • Umbrella Handle Material: Plastic
  • Umbrella Bone Quantity: 8 bones
  • Opening Method: Manual
  • Umbrella Retraction Method: Manual
  • Color Options: Charging Pink 2600MA, Charging Green 2600MA

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 * Umbrella


Q: What material is the umbrella cloth made from?

A: The umbrella cloth is made from impact cloth, ensuring durability and resistance to harsh weather.

Q: How many bones does the umbrella have?

A: The umbrella has 8 bones made from fiber, providing excellent stability and wind resistance.

Q: How do I open and close the umbrella?

A: The umbrella is opened and closed manually.

Q: What are the color options available?

A: The umbrella is available in Charging Pink 2600MA and Charging Green 2600MA.

Q: Is the handle comfortable to hold?

A: Yes, the umbrella handle is made from plastic and is designed for a comfortable grip.


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Tyrell Schowalter

Good as described ..

Omer Lehner

All right ~

Nichole Jaskolski

Good ~ ^ ^