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Portable Plug-in Electric Heating Insulated Lunch Box

Portable Plug-in Electric Heating Insulated Lunch Box

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Leak-Proof Design: The water jug dispenser valve features a leak-proof construction, ensuring that water is dispensed smoothly without any drips or spills, maintaining cleanliness and preventing wastage.

Easy to Clean: The dispenser valve is designed for easy cleaning, allowing for quick maintenance and hygiene upkeep. This feature ensures that the water dispensing system remains sanitary and ready for use.

Portable Design: With its compact and lightweight design, the water jug dispenser valve is highly portable, making it convenient to carry and use in various settings such as outdoor activities, gatherings, or on-the-go hydration needs.

Simple Operation: The dispenser valve offers straightforward operation, allowing users to dispense water with ease. Its user-friendly design ensures hassle-free use, suitable for all ages.

Food-Grade Material: Crafted from food-grade PP plastic, the dispenser valve is safe for use with drinking water. The material is non-toxic and meets safety standards, providing peace of mind regarding water quality.

Built-in Steamed Egg Rack: This dispenser valve comes equipped with a built-in steamed egg rack, adding versatility to its functionality. The rack enables steaming of eggs or other small food items, expanding its use beyond water dispensing.

Separated Double Inner Pot: Featuring a separated double inner pot design, this dispenser valve allows for simultaneous cooking or heating of different foods. This feature enhances efficiency and versatility in meal preparation.

Chopsticks and Spoon Hidden Design: The dispenser valve includes a cleverly integrated storage compartment for chopsticks and a spoon, ensuring convenience and tidiness when not in use.

Prevent Dry Burning and Safe Power Off: Equipped with safety features like dry burning prevention and automatic power-off, this dispenser valve ensures safe operation and protects against potential hazards.

Multi-Functionality: In addition to water dispensing, this product serves multiple functions including steaming, cooking, heating, and more. It offers a versatile solution for preparing various dishes conveniently.

With these enhanced features, the water jug dispenser valve becomes a comprehensive and practical kitchen accessory, suitable for a wide range of culinary and hydration needs both at home and on the go. Its multifunctional capabilities and user-friendly design make it an essential addition to any household or outdoor setting.


  • Function: Cooking, Heating, Appointment, Insulation, Other
  • Voltage: 100V-240V
  • Number of Layers: 2
  • Heating Mode: Water Injection Heating
  • Applicable Groups: General
  • Warranty Period: 12 months

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ransom Okuneva

The product is very good, the image and the heating is excellent.

Lukas Thompson

Love this it is just so easy to use as a pensioner much better than a big microwave

Barrett Corwin

Nice item. heats fast.. Will recommend

Vaughn Weber

Very well, as the photos. Hot fast

Omari Pagac