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Tiles Gap Crack Filler - Diy Grouts Repair Filler Tube

Tiles Gap Crack Filler - Diy Grouts Repair Filler Tube

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Product Specifications:

  • Product Name: Crack Filler (180 ml)
  • Quantity: Pack of 1
  • Material: Other
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Combo: Pack of 1


  1. Multipurpose Use: This Crack Filler can be used for various DIY home projects. It is ideal for fixing bathroom tubs, wash basins, and any other gaps.
  2. Waterproof: The silicone sealant is waterproof, making it suitable for sealing cracks in washing areas, kitchen tops, floor tiles, and other parts of the house.
  3. Easy Application: Simply shake the tube and fill the silicone sealant into gaps for quick and effective repairs.
  4. Ready-to-Use: A ready-to-use grouting fill-in product, making it the easiest grout product on the market.
  5. White Color: The white color grout covers old and dirty grouting, providing a clean and fresh look to tiled areas.
  6. Seam Beauty Agent: Enhances the beauty of tiles, pools, and various home improvement projects.
  7. Material Composition: Made from water, resin, and aluminum oxalate.

What's in the Box:

  • 1 x Crack Filler (180 ml)


  1. How do I use this crack filler?

    • Simply shake the tube and apply the silicone sealant directly into the gaps that need filling.
  2. Can it be used on all types of surfaces?

    • Yes, this crack filler can be used on various surfaces including bathroom tubs, wash basins, kitchen tops, and floor tiles.
  3. Is it easy to clean up excess filler?

    • Yes, excess filler can be wiped away easily with a damp cloth before it dries.
  4. How long does it take to dry?

    • Drying time may vary depending on factors such as temperature and humidity, but it typically dries within a few hours.
  5. Is it suitable for outdoor use?

    • Yes, this crack filler is waterproof and can be used for outdoor applications such as sealing cracks in outdoor tiles or patio floors.
  6. Can it be painted over?

    • Yes, once the filler has fully dried, it can be painted over if desired.
  7. Is it safe for use in areas with high moisture?

    • Yes, the waterproof nature of this crack filler makes it suitable for use in areas with high moisture levels, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  8. Does it require any special tools for application?

    • No, this crack filler can be applied directly from the tube without the need for any special tools or equipment.

The Crack Filler (180 ml) is a versatile and easy-to-use solution for sealing gaps and cracks in various areas of your home. Its waterproof properties and simple application make it ideal for DIY home repairs, providing a quick and effective way to enhance the beauty and functionality of tiled surfaces.

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